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Next Generation Sequencing: a look into the future

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Editorial HTML PDF
COST Action BM1006 (SeqAhead) closing conference "Next Generation Sequencing: a look into the future” HTML PDF
Lubos Klucar, Teresa K. Attwood, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff e860
Scientific Programme PDF

Keynote Lectures

Power and limitations of RNA-Seq: findings from the SEQC (MAQC-III) Consortium HTML PDF
Paweł Piotr Łabaj e831
Population-scale genomics with BiobankCloud and Hops/Hadoop HTML PDF
Jim Dowling e825
Data deluge demands a training tsunami Presentation HTML PDF
Eija Korpelainen e833

Oral Presentations

Reproducible Research in the era of Next Generation Sequencing: current approaches, examples and future perspectives Presentation HTML PDF
Claudia Angelini, Dario Righelli, Francesco Russo e808
Current status of nanopore sequencing using the MinION device – from full length cDNA sequencing to genome assembly improvements HTML PDF
Ola Wallerman e819
Deep insights into Mecp2-driven transcriptional (de)regulation at embryonic developmental stage through RNA-Seq data analysis HTML PDF
Kumar Parijat Tripathi, Maurizio D'Esposito, Mario R Guarracino, Marcella Vacca e816
Exploring the activity of microorganisms in the forest soil using metatranscriptomics Presentation HTML PDF
Petr Baldrian e811
Creating a successful facility for large-scale extraction of DNA, an example from the Swedish Biobank initiative BBMRI.se HTML PDF
James Thompson e830
Using neural networks to filter predicted errors in NGS data PDF
Milko Krachunov, Ognyan Kulev, Maria Nisheva, Valeria Simeonova, Deyan Peychev, Dimitar Vassilev e827
DIANA-TarBase v7: indexing hundreds of thousands experimentally supported miRNA:mRNA interactions Presentation HTML PDF
Dimitra Karagkouni e824
Biobanking for the future, how to prepare for the next generation of Next Generation Sequencing HTML PDF
Tomas Klingström e815
Introducing Meta2genomics: the search for the “micro-bee” Presentation HTML PDF
Jose R Valverde e835
Information-theoretic approach for detection of differential splicing from RNA-seq data HTML PDF
Axel Rasche, Ralf Herwig e828
iMir: an innovative and complete pipeline for smallRNA-Seq data analysis Presentation HTML PDF
Giorgio Giurato, Antonio Rinaldi, Adnan Hashim, Giovanni Nassa, Maria Ravo, Francesca Rizzo, Roberta Tarallo, Angela Cordella, Giovanna Marchese, Domenico Memoli, Alessandro Weisz e810


Microbial analysis of ovine cheese by next generation sequencing Poster HTML PDF
Vladimir Kmet, Dobroslava Bujnakova e806
PACMAN: PacBio Methylation Analyzer Poster HTML PDF
Laurent Falquet, Alexis Loetscher e807
NORM-SYS - harmonizing standardization processes for model and data exchange in systems biology Poster HTML PDF
Babette Regierer, Susanne Hollmann, Martin Golebiewski e813
Targeted amplicon sequencing in genetic diagnostics of patients with cystic fibrosis Poster HTML PDF
Jelena Kusic-Tisma, Aleksandra Divac Rankov, Mila Ljujic, Nadja Pejanovic, Bojana Stanic, Dragica Radojkovic e814
Reference leaf transcriptomes for potato cultivars: desiree and PW363 Poster HTML PDF
Maja Zagorščak, Marko Petek, Mohamed Zouine, Kristina Gruden e817
NGS as a tool for investigating spread of zoonotic bacteria: dealing with source and outbreak genetic variation in a spatio-temporal context HTML PDF
Robert Söderlund, Tomas Jinnerot, Adrien Janssens, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff e818
Biobanks and future emerging technologies: new approaches, new pre-analytical challenges HTML PDF
Eva Ortega-Paino, Tomas Klingström, Johanna Ekström e822
MetLab: an in silico experimental design, simulation and validation tool for viral metagenomics studies Poster HTML PDF
Martin Norling, Oskar Erik Karlsson, Hadrien Gourlé, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Juliette Hayer e823
Towards SNP calling in polyploid genomes PDF
Anatoliy Dimitrov, Milko Krachunov, Ognyan Kulev, Jérôme Salse, Irena Avdjieva, Dimitar Vassilev e826
Gene set enrichment analysis of neuroendocrine system of the silkworm Bombyx mori Poster HTML PDF
Gabor Beke, Matej Stano, Ivana Daubnerova, Dusan Zitnan, Lubos Klucar e829
The NonCode aReNA DB: a non-redundant and integrated collection of non-coding RNAs HTML PDF
Giorgio De Caro, Arianna Consiglio, Domenica D'Elia, Andreas Gisel, Giorgio Grillo, Sabino Liuni, Angelica Tulipano, Flavio Licciulli e834

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