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Vol 21: Supplement A Introducing Meta2genomics: the search for the “micro-bee” Abstract   Presentation   HTML   PDF
Jose R Valverde
Vol 17, No 1: Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Introduction into Systems Biology: Basics of Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics & Integration of Data Generated by these Fields, Athens, Greece, 26-30 September 2011 Abstract   PDF
Sophia Kossida
Vol 19: Supplement A Ion Torrent sequencing and pipeline assembly of the first genome sequence of a mesophilic syntrophic acetate oxidizing bacterium (SAOB) Abstract   PDF
Shahid Manzoor, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Anna Schnürer, Bettina Müller
Vol 19, No 1 ISB Spotlight (Spring 2013) Details   PDF
EMBnet journal
Vol 20 ISB Spotlight (Winter 2013) Details   PDF
EMBnet journal
Vol 19, No 1 ISBE – set out for a Systems Biology Infrastructure for Europe Abstract   HTML   PDF
Susanne Hollmann, Vitor AP Martins dos Santos, Babette Regierer
Vol 17, No 2 ISCB Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics and eBioKit Workshop Abstract   HTML   PDF
Etienne de Villiers, Judit Kumuthini, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Vol 17, No 1: Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis ISCB and EMBnet to collaborate on bioinformatics education and training Abstract   HTML   PDF
Vol 17: Supplement B IT Future of Medicine: Next Generation Sequencing is the Key to Future Personalized Medicine Abstract   PDF
Hans Lehrach, Babette Regierer
Vol 17: Supplement A Italian EMBnet node: AGM2011 report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Domenica D'Elia
Vol 18: Supplement A ITSoneDB: a specialized ITS1 database for amplicon-based metagenomic characterization of environmental fungal communities Abstract   PDF
B Fosso, M Santamaria, A Consiglio, G De Caro, G Grillo, F Licciuli, S Liuni, M Marzano, G Pesole
Vol 19: Supplement B JavaEE for breakfast: start off on the right foot developing biological Web applications. Abstract   HTML   PDF
Arnaud Ceol, Heiko Muller
Vol 26 KEGG2Net: Deducing gene interaction networks and acyclic graphs from KEGG pathways Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sree K Chanumolu, Mustafa Albahrani, Handan Can, Hasan H Otu
Vol 20 Large scale statistical analysis of genome data with Ruby and R: skipping interface libraries Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sergio RP Line, Ana P de Souza, Luciana S Mofatto
Vol 19: Supplement A Lessons learned from implementing a national infrastructure in Sweden for storage and analysis of next-generation sequencing data Abstract   PDF
Martin Dahlö
Vol 17: Supplement B Linking research data with scholarly publications Abstract   PDF
Teresa K Attwood, Philip McDermott, James Marsh, Steve R Pettifer, David Thorne
Vol 21 Longevity of Biological Databases Abstract   HTML   PDF
Teresa K. Attwood, Bora Agit, Lynda B.M. Ellis
Vol 17: Supplement B Massive-scale RNA-Seq experiments in human genetic diseases Abstract   PDF
Valerio Costa, Marianna Aprile, Roberta Esposito, Maria Rosaria Ambrosio, Margherita Scarpato, Carmela Ziviello, Italia De Feis, Claudia Angelini, Alfredo Ciccodicola
Vol 17, No 1: Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Mastering Data-Intensive Collaboration and Decision Making through a Cloud Infrastructure: The Dicode EU project Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nikos Karacapilidis
Vol 18: Supplement B MBLabDB: a social database for molecular biodiversity data Abstract   PDF
Flavio Licciulli, Domenico Catalano, Domenica D'Elia, Giorgio De Caro, Giorgio Grillo, Pietro Leo, Giuseppina Mulè, Paolo Pannarale, Graziano Pappadà, Francesco Rubino, Antonella Susca, Saverio Vicario, Gaetano Scioscia
Vol 18: Supplement A mentha: the interactome browser Abstract   PDF
A Calderone, G Cesareni
Vol 19: Supplement A Metagenomics sample preparation and sequencing. Abstract   PDF
Oskar Erik Karlsson, Martin Norling, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Vol 21: Supplement A MetLab: an in silico experimental design, simulation and validation tool for viral metagenomics studies Abstract   Poster   HTML   PDF
Martin Norling, Oskar Erik Karlsson, Hadrien Gourlé, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Juliette Hayer
Vol 18: Supplement A Micro-Analyzer: a tool for automatic pre-processing of multiple Affymetrix arrays Abstract   PDF
PH Guzzi, M Cannataro
Vol 21: Supplement A Microbial analysis of ovine cheese by next generation sequencing Abstract   Poster   HTML   PDF
Vladimir Kmet, Dobroslava Bujnakova
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