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Vol 18: Supplement A

Protein Structure and Function
EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

Systems Biology
EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

Systems Biology, Molecular Evolution
EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

EMBnet journal
Vol 19: Supplement A A better sequence-read generator program for metagenomics Abstract   PDF
Stephen Eric Johnson, Brett Trost, Jeffrey R Long, Anthony Kusalik
Vol 18: Supplement A A bioinformatics framework for the identification of active regulatory elements through the integrative analysis of high-throughput genomic data Abstract   PDF
G Malagoli Tagliazucchi, A Miccio, A Cavazza, V Poletti, C Peano, G De Bellis, F Mavillo, S Bicciato
Vol 17: Supplement B A combinatorial and integrated method to analyse RNA-seq reads Abstract   PDF
Nicolas Philippe, Mikael Salson, Therese Commes, Eric Rivals
Vol 18: Supplement A A combined computational/experimental strategy to map phosphatases on growth pathways Abstract   PDF
PF Gherardini, F Sacco, S Paoluzi, J Saez-Rodriguez, M Helmer-Citterich, A Ragnini-Wilson, L Castagnoli, G Cesareni
Vol 18: Supplement A A comprehensive 16 loci-based DNA fingerprinting dataset of a broad tumor cell line panel for cancer research Abstract   PDF
A Somaschini, E Scacheri, A Nuzzo, N Amboldi, D Ballinari, G Ukmar, A Isacchi, R Bosotti
Vol 19: Supplement A A comprehensive comparison between reference-based and ‘de novo’ isoform assembly approaches Abstract   PDF
Oscar Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Triviño, Rebeca Miñambres, Sheila Zuñiga, Sonia Santillán, Mayte Gil, Reyes Claramunt, Celia Buades
Vol 19: Supplement A A fast and accurate SNP detection algorthm for Next-Generation Sequencing data Abstract
Junwen Wang
Vol 18: Supplement B A first RDF implementation of the COSMIC database on mutations in cancer Abstract   PDF
Achille Zappa, Paolo Romano
Vol 18: Supplement A A greedy and stochastic algorithm for multiple local alignment of interaction networks Abstract   PDF
G Micale, A Pulvirenti, R Giugno, A Ferro
Vol 18: Supplement B A Grid-enabled web platform for integrated digital biobanking in paediatrics Abstract   PDF
Massimiliano Izzo, Andrea Schenone, Sara Barzaghi, Fabiola Blengio, Marco M Fato, Luigi Varesio
Vol 19: Supplement A A Hidden Markov Model for gene mapping based on whole genome sequencing data Details
Jürgen Claesen
Vol 18: Supplement A A Knowledge Base for fish and fishery products Abstract   PDF
AM Pappalardo, F Guarino, A Messina, A Pulvirenti, R Giugno, A Ferro, V De Pinto
Vol 18: Supplement B A multivariate analysis of protein microarrays for signature selection profiles Abstract   PDF
Saveria Mazzara, Antonella Sinisi, Angela Cardaci, Sergio Abrignani, Mauro Bombaci
Vol 18: Supplement A A next generation sequencing-based approach to identify piRNAs in breast cancer cells Abstract   PDF
C Cantarella, C Stellato, G Giurato, MR De Filippo, R Tarallo, A Weisz
Vol 18: Supplement A A novel biclustering algorithm for the discovery of meaningful biological correlations between miRNAs and mRNAs Abstract   PDF
G Pio, M Ceci, D D'Elia, C Loglisci, D Malerba
Vol 19: Supplement A A reliable pipeline for a transcriptome reference in Non-Model Species Abstract   PDF
Hicham Benzekri, Rocío Bautista, Darío Guerrero-Fernández, Noé Fernández-Pozo, M. Gonzalo Claros
Vol 23 A report on the “International Society for Computational Biology - Latin America (ISCB-LA)” Bioinformatics Conference 2016 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nicolas Palopoli, Alexander Miguel Monzon, Gustavo Parisi, Ariel Chernomoretz, Fernán Agüero
Vol 18: Supplement B A semantic collaborative system for the management of translational research projects Abstract   PDF
Matteo Gabetta, Giuseppe Milani, Cristiana Larizza, Valentina Favalli, Eloisa Arbustini, Riccardo Bellazzi
Vol 18: Supplement A A software pipeline for the discovery of variations in exome sequencing projects Abstract   PDF
E Mattei, PF Gherardini, G Ausiello, M Helmer-Citterich
Vol 23 A stepping stone to develop bioinformatics in Pakistan Abstract   HTML   PDF
Shahid Manzoor, Adnan Niazi, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
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