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Vol 21: Supplement A Towards SNP calling in polyploid genomes Abstract   PDF
Anatoliy Dimitrov, Milko Krachunov, Ognyan Kulev, Jérôme Salse, Irena Avdjieva, Dimitar Vassilev
Vol 20: Supplement A Training in computational skills Abstract   HTML   PDF
Aleksandra Pawlik
Vol 16, No 1 Training Mexican scientists and students on MRS/EMBOSS: A course report Abstract   HTML   PDF Print   PDF Screen
George Vasilios Magklaras, Romualdo Zayas
Vol 18: Supplement A Translation of a Robust, Biology-Driven, Prognostic Classifier of Cancer Patients' Outcome into Clinically Relevant Rules Abstract   PDF
D Cangelosi, M Muselli, F Blengio, R Versteeg, A Eggert, A Schramm, A Garaventa, C Gambini, L Varesio
Vol 19: Supplement A Translational systems biology understanding the limits of animal models as predictors of human biology Abstract   PDF
Carine Poussin, Leonidas Alexopoulos, Vincenzo Belcastro, Erhan Bilal, Carole Mathis, Pablo Meyer, Raquel Norel, Jeremy J Rice, Gustavo Stolovitzky, Julia Hoeng, Manuel Peitsch
Vol 18: Supplement A Truncated SVD best rank choice through ROC curves for genomic annotation prediction Abstract   PDF
D Chicco, M Masseroli
Vol 17, No 2 UCT and CPGR join forces with international Pharmacogenomics initiative focussing on African diseases Abstract   HTML   PDF
Reinhard Hiller, Raj Ramesar
Vol 19: Supplement A Understanding biology of potato- virus PVY interaction Abstract   PDF
Kristina Gruden
Vol 17: Supplement B UPPNEX - A solution for Next Generation Sequencing data management and analysis Abstract   PDF
Samuel Lampa, Jonas Hagberg, Ola Spjuth
Vol 18: Supplement A Use of BioBlender for all atom morphing of protein structures Abstract   PDF
MF Zini, Y Porozov, T Loni, R Andrei, M Zoppè
Vol 18, No 1 Using ARC based grids for NGS read mapping - Grid interface for BWA Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kimmo Mattila
Vol 18: Supplement B Using graph theory to analyze gene network coherence Abstract   PDF
Francisco Gómez-Vela, Norberto Díaz-Díaz, José A Lagares, José A Sánchez, Jesús S Aguilar-Ruiz
Vol 21: Supplement A Using neural networks to filter predicted errors in NGS data Abstract   PDF
Milko Krachunov, Ognyan Kulev, Maria Nisheva, Valeria Simeonova, Deyan Peychev, Dimitar Vassilev
Vol 20: Supplement A Using NGS to answer biological questions Abstract   HTML   PDF
Björn Usadel
Vol 17, No 2 Using the Grid to run population dynamics simulations Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jose R Valverde
Vol 19: Supplement A Viral Metagenomics – New applications for the broad-range detection of viromes in veterinary and public health settings Abstract   PDF
Oskar Erik Karlsson, Martin Norling, Fredrik Granberg, Sándor Belák, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Vol 18: Supplement A VIRES: visualization and identification of A-to-I RNA editing sites in genomic sequences Abstract   PDF
R Distefano, G Nigita, V Macca, R Giugno, A Pulvirenti, A Ferro
Vol 18: Supplement A Whole genome sequencing, assembly and annotation of Halomonas smyrnensis, a levan producing halophilic bacterium Abstract   PDF
E Sogutcu, Z Emrence, M Arikan, A Cakiris, N Abaci, E Toksoy Oner, D Ustek, KY Arga
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