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Vol 18: Supplement A Building an optimized pipeline for whole-exome sequencing Abstract   PDF
M D'Antonio, P D'Onorio De Meo, B Elmi, N Sanna, G Pesole, T Castrignanò
Vol 18: Supplement B Business intelligence for biopharmaceutical company Abstract   PDF
Anass El Haddadi, Bernard Dousser
Vol 17: Supplement A CCSIS specialist EMBnet node: AGM2011 report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alex Patak
Vol 21 CexoR: an R/Bioconductor package to uncover high-resolution protein-DNA interactions in ChIP-exo replicates Abstract   HTML   PDF
Pedro Madrigal
Vol 19: Supplement A Challenges in whole exome sequencing to identify disease-causing variants in human rare diseases Abstract   PDF
Javier Santoyo Lopez
Vol 17: Supplement A Chinese EMBnet node: AGM2011 report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jingchu Luo
Vol 18: Supplement B Chromosome instability for tumor progression inference Abstract   PDF
Claudia Cava, Italo Zoppis, Manuela Gariboldi, James F. Reid, Marco Antoniotti, Giancarlo Mauri
Vol 18: Supplement B Clinical and genomic data integration in support of biomedical research and clinical practice Abstract   PDF
Eric Neumann
Vol 20: Supplement A Coding & Best Practice in Programming: Why it matters so much in the NGS era Abstract   HTML   PDF
Lex Nederbragt
Vol 17, No 1: Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Command line analysis of ChIP-seq results Abstract   HTML   PDF
Endre Barta
Vol 19: Supplement A Comparison of oligonucleotide microarray and RNA-seq technologies in the context of gene expression analysis Abstract   PDF
Nicolas Sierro, Florian Martin, Carine Poussin, Julia Hoeng, Nikolai V. Ivanov
Vol 19: Supplement A Comparison of variant calling methods in exome sequencing of matched tumor-normal sample pairs Abstract   PDF
Sara Monzon, Javier Alonso, Gonzalo Gómez, David Gonzalez-Pisano, Isabel Cuesta
Vol 19: Supplement A Comprehensive evaluation of differential expression analysis methods for RNA-seq data Abstract
Franck Rapaport, Raya Khanin, Yupu Liang, Azra Krek, Paul Zumbo, Christopher E Mason, Nicholas D Socci, Doron Betel
Vol 18: Supplement A Computational and experimental characterization of critical amino acidic residues in the BCR-ABL kinase domain explaining TKIS resistance in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia Abstract   PDF
C Romano, P Buffa, A Pandini, M Massimino, E Tirrò, L Manzella, F Fraternali, P Vigneri
Vol 19: Supplement A Computational cleaning of noisy 5' end tag sequencing data sets from rare in vivo cells Abstract   PDF
Johannes Eichler Waage, Ilka Hoof, Jette Bornholdt, Esben Pedersen, Mette Jørgesen, Kim Theilgaard, Cord Brakebusch, Bo Porse, Albin Sandelin
Vol 18: Supplement A Computer modeling of human delta opioid receptor Abstract   PDF
F Sapundzhi, T Dzimbova, N Pencheva, P Milanov
Vol 18: Supplement A Conference Programme Details   PDF
Domenica D'Elia
Vol 19: Supplement B Conference Programme Details   PDF
Paolo DM Romano
Vol 20: Supplement A Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia Causative Agent: its Sequencing, Assembly and Annotation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hadrien Gourlé
Vol 18: Supplement A Cooperative fluctuations of PTP1B by an elastic network model analysis Abstract   PDF
AC Serdaroglu, AN Ozer
Vol 18: Supplement A Core algorithms to search in biological structured data Abstract   PDF
V Bonnici, R Giugno, A Pulvirenti, D Shasha, A Ferro
Vol 18: Supplement B CorrelaGenes: a new tool for the interpretation of the human transcriptome Abstract   PDF
Paolo Cremaschi, Sergio Rovida, Lucia Sacchi, Antonella Lisa, Alessandra Montecucco, Giuseppe Biamonti, Silvia Bione, Gianni Sacchi
Vol 17: Supplement B COST Action BM 1006 (SeqAhead): MC BUSINESS MEETING AND SCIENTIFIC MEETING Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andreas Gisel, Teresa Attwood, Jacques van Helden, Jose R Valverde, Ana Conesa, Ralf Herwig, Eija Korpelainen, Veli Mäkinen, Steve Pettifer, Alberto Policriti, Thomas Svensson, Gert Vriend, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Vol 21: Supplement A COST Action BM1006 (SeqAhead) closing conference "Next Generation Sequencing: a look into the future” Abstract   HTML   PDF
Lubos Klucar, Teresa K. Attwood, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Vol 17: Supplement B COST description Details   PDF
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