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Vol 16, No 1 Costa Rica EMBnet node: AGM 2010 report Abstract
Allan Orozco
Vol 21: Supplement A Creating a successful facility for large-scale extraction of DNA, an example from the Swedish Biobank initiative Abstract   HTML   PDF
James Thompson
Vol 21: Supplement A Current status of nanopore sequencing using the MinION device – from full length cDNA sequencing to genome assembly improvements Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ola Wallerman
Vol 17, No 1: Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Cutadapt removes adapter sequences from high-throughput sequencing reads Abstract   HTML   PDF
Marcel Martin
Vol 18: Supplement A CytokineDB and CytReD@CROM Abstract   PDF
S Costantini, A Sharma, R Raucci, F Capone, M Miele, E Guerriero, G Castello, M Di Stasio, G Colonna
Vol 18: Supplement A Cyto-Sevis: semantic similarity-based visualisation of protein interaction networks Abstract   PDF
PH Guzzi, M Cannataro
Vol 25 Dark Suite; a comprehensive toolbox for computer-aided drug design Abstract   HTML   PDF
Eleni Papakonstantinou, Vasileios Megalooikonomou, Dimitrios Vlachakis
Vol 21: Supplement A Data deluge demands a training tsunami Abstract   Presentation   HTML   PDF
Eija Korpelainen
Vol 18: Supplement B Data modeling: the key to biological data integration Abstract   PDF
François Rechenmann
Vol 19: Supplement A De novo assembly and annotation of the grey reindeer lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) transcriptome Abstract   PDF
Sini Junttila, Stephen Rudd
Vol 18: Supplement A De novo detection of A-To-I RNA editing sites in human mRNAs by massive transcriptome sequencing Abstract   PDF
E Picardi, A Gallo, S Raho, F Galeano, G Pesole
Vol 21: Supplement A Deep insights into Mecp2-driven transcriptional (de)regulation at embryonic developmental stage through RNA-Seq data analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kumar Parijat Tripathi, Maurizio D'Esposito, Mario R Guarracino, Marcella Vacca
Vol 19: Supplement A Deep sequencing exposes small RNA transcriptome differences between low- and high-temperature stress responses in Arabidopsis Abstract   PDF
Vesselin Baev, Ivan Milev, Mladen Naydenov, Tihomir Vachev, Elena Apostolova, Nikolay Mehterov, Mariana Gozmanova, Ivan Minkov, Galina Yahubyan
Vol 19: Supplement B Describing the genes social networks relying on chromosome conformation capture data Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ivan Merelli, Pietro Liò, Luciano Milanesi
Vol 18: Supplement B Detection of allele-specific gene expression on Next Generation Sequencing data Abstract   PDF
Vladan Mijatovic, Luciano Xumerle, Alberto Ferrarini, Ilaria Iacobucci, Chiara Pighi, Antonio Mori, Chiara Zusi, Paola Prandini, Elisabetta Trabetti, Massimo Delledonne, Giovanni Martinelli, Alberto Zamò, Pier F Pignatti, Giovanni Malerba
Vol 19: Supplement A Developing a software suite to analyze the interplay between nucleosome arrangement, DNA methylation and transcription factor binding Abstract   PDF
Vladimir B. Teif, Daria A. Beshnova, Yevhen Vainshtein, Thomas Höfer, Karsten Rippe
Vol 18: Supplement B Development of a text search engine for medicinal chemistry patents Abstract   PDF
Emilie Pasche, Julien Gobeill, Fatma Oezdemir-Zaech, Therese Vachon, Christian Lovis, Patrick Ruch
Vol 18: Supplement A Development of pipeline for exome sequencing data analysis Abstract   PDF
MR De Filippo, G Giurato, C Cantarella, F Rizzo, F Cirillo, A Weisz
Vol 18: Supplement A Devising and experimenting correlation-based metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of input encoding techniques in prediction tasks Abstract   PDF
G Armano, E Tamponi
Vol 19: Supplement A DGW: an exploratory data analysis tool for clustering and visualisation of epigenomic marks Abstract   PDF
Saulius Lukauskas, Gabriele Schweikert, Guido Sanguinetti
Vol 21: Supplement A DIANA-TarBase v7: indexing hundreds of thousands experimentally supported miRNA:mRNA interactions Abstract   Presentation   HTML   PDF
Dimitra Karagkouni
Vol 18: Supplement A Digging in the RNA-seq garbage: evaluating the characteristics of unmapped RNA-seq reads in normal tissues Abstract   PDF
M Carrara, R Calogero
Vol 17: Supplement B Digital gene expression data, cross-species conservation and noncoding RNA Abstract   PDF
Nicolas Philippe, Florence Ruffle, Elias Bou-Samra, Anthony Boureux, Thérèse Commes, Eric Rivals
Vol 18: Supplement B DiGSNP: a web tool for Disease-Gene-SNP hierarchical prioritization Abstract   PDF
Carmen Navarro, Carlos Cano, Armando Blanco, Fernando García-Alcalde
Vol 18: Supplement A Discovery of conserved long non-coding RNAs in vertebrates Abstract   PDF
S Basu, R Sanges
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