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Vol 17: Supplement B EU COST Action TD0801: Statistical Challenges On The 1000 Euro Genome Sequences In Plants Abstract   PDF
Marco C.A.M. Bink, Thomas Schiex
Vol 17: Supplement A Executive Board: AGM2011 report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Teresa K Attwood
Vol 16, No 1 Expanding BioPAX format by integrating Gene Regulation Abstract   HTML   PDF Print   PDF Screen
Irma Martínez-Flores, Verónica Jiménez-Jacinto, Alejandra C. López-Fuentes, Julio Collado-Vides
Vol 17: Supplement B Exploration of environmental metagenomes and metatranscriptomes: current possibilities and limitations in data analysis Abstract   PDF
Petr Baldrian
Vol 18: Supplement B Exploring energy landscapes with the state-of-the-art population-based evolutionary algorithms Abstract
Minrui Fei, Haiping Ma
Vol 21: Supplement A Exploring the activity of microorganisms in the forest soil using metatranscriptomics Abstract   Presentation   HTML   PDF
Petr Baldrian
Vol 18: Supplement B Extracting correspondences between terminologies for an easier access to biomedical information Abstract   PDF
Adila Merabti, Lina F Soualmia, Stéfan J Darmoni
Vol 18: Supplement B Extracting knowledge from biomedical data through Logic Learning Machines and Rulex Abstract   PDF
Marco Muselli
Vol 19: Supplement B Extracting more value from data silos: using the semantic web to link chemistry and biology for innovation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tim P Eyres
Vol 19: Supplement B Facilitating scientific discovery through crowdsourcing and distributed participation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Antony Williams
Vol 18: Supplement A FERMI: the most powerful computational resource for Italian scientists Abstract   PDF
F Falciano, E Rossi
Vol 18: Supplement B Filtering with alignment free distances for high throughput DNA reads assembly Abstract   PDF
Maria C De Cola, Giovanni Felici, Daniele Santoni, Emanuel Weitschek
Vol 20 Fq_delta - Efficient storage of processed versions of fastq files Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andra Veraart, Henk-Jan van den Ham, Maarten A. Bijl, Arno C. Andeweg, Anita C. Schürch
Vol 17: Supplement A French EMBnet node: AGM2011 report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Guy Perriere
Vol 17: Supplement B From cutadapt to sequencetools (sqt): a versatile toolset for sequencing projects Abstract   PDF
Marcel Martin, Sven Rahmann
Vol 20 From high-throughput structural bioinformatics to integrative systems biology: NETTAB 2014 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Francesca Cordero, Paolo DM Romano
Vol 18: Supplement A Fungal alternative splicing associates with higher cellular complexity and virulence Abstract   PDF
K Grützmann, K Szafranski, M Pohl, K Voigt, A Petzold, S Schuster
Vol 23 Galaksio, a user friendly workflow-centric front end for Galaxy Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tomas Klingström, Rafael Hernández-de-Diego, Théo Collard, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Vol 18: Supplement A GAM: Genomic Assemblies Merger Abstract   PDF
A Policriti, S Scalabrin, F Vezzi, R Vicedomini
Vol 18: Supplement A GC content dependency of open reading frame prediction Abstract   PDF
M Pohl, G Theißen, S Schuster
Vol 18: Supplement A Geena, a tool for MS spectra filtering, averaging and aligning Abstract   PDF
P Romano, A Profumo, R Mangerini, F Ferri, M Rocco, F Boccardo, A Facchiano
Vol 21: Supplement A Gene set enrichment analysis of neuroendocrine system of the silkworm Bombyx mori Abstract   Poster   HTML   PDF
Gabor Beke, Matej Stano, Ivana Daubnerova, Dusan Zitnan, Lubos Klucar
Vol 18: Supplement B Generation of explicit rules predicting neuroblastoma patients’ outcome Abstract   PDF
Davide Cangelosi, Fabiola Blengio, Rogier Versteeg, Angelika Eggert, Alberto Garaventa, Claudio Gambini, Massimo Conte, Alessandra Eva, Luigi Varesio
Vol 19: Supplement A Generation of expression calls for RNA-seq data Abstract   PDF
Marta Rosikiewicz, Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Vol 19: Supplement A Genome sequence of plant associated rhizobacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain UCMB5033 Abstract   PDF
Adnan Niazi, Shahid Manzoor, Sarosh Bejai, Johan Meijer, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
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