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Vol 18: Supplement A

Next Generation Sequencing, Pharmacogenomics
EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

Protein Structure and Function
EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

Systems Biology
EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

Systems Biology, Molecular Evolution
EMBnet journal
Vol 18: Supplement A

EMBnet journal
Vol 19: Supplement A A better sequence-read generator program for metagenomics Abstract   PDF
Stephen Eric Johnson, Brett Trost, Jeffrey R Long, Anthony Kusalik
Vol 26: Special issue to Biostatistics and Mathematical Modelling in Bioinformatics A Biofeedback-Assisted Stress Management Program for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome: a Randomised Controlled Trial Abstract   HTML   PDF
Konstantina Exarchopoulou, Anna Papageorgiou, Flora Bacopoulou, Elli Koumantarou Malisiova, Dimitrios Vlachakis, George P. Chrousos, Christina Darviri
Vol 18: Supplement A A bioinformatics framework for the identification of active regulatory elements through the integrative analysis of high-throughput genomic data Abstract   PDF
G Malagoli Tagliazucchi, A Miccio, A Cavazza, V Poletti, C Peano, G De Bellis, F Mavillo, S Bicciato
Vol 28 A Bioinformatics pipeline for variant discovery from Targeted Next Generation Sequencing of the human mitochondrial genome Abstract   HTML   PDF
Lakshika Jayasekera, Kanchana Senanayake, Ruwandi Ranasinghe, Kamani Tennekoon
Vol 17: Supplement B A combinatorial and integrated method to analyse RNA-seq reads Abstract   PDF
Nicolas Philippe, Mikael Salson, Therese Commes, Eric Rivals
Vol 18: Supplement A A combined computational/experimental strategy to map phosphatases on growth pathways Abstract   PDF
PF Gherardini, F Sacco, S Paoluzi, J Saez-Rodriguez, M Helmer-Citterich, A Ragnini-Wilson, L Castagnoli, G Cesareni
Vol 18: Supplement A A comprehensive 16 loci-based DNA fingerprinting dataset of a broad tumor cell line panel for cancer research Abstract   PDF
A Somaschini, E Scacheri, A Nuzzo, N Amboldi, D Ballinari, G Ukmar, A Isacchi, R Bosotti
Vol 19: Supplement A A comprehensive comparison between reference-based and ‘de novo’ isoform assembly approaches Abstract   PDF
Oscar Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Triviño, Rebeca Miñambres, Sheila Zuñiga, Sonia Santillán, Mayte Gil, Reyes Claramunt, Celia Buades
Vol 26: Supplement A A computational drug design strategy against the Yellow Fever Virus helicase Details   HTML   PDF   VIDEO
Eleni Papakonstantinou, Katerina Pierouli, Dimitrios Vlachakis, George N. Goulielmos, Elias Eliopoulos
Vol 19: Supplement A A fast and accurate SNP detection algorthm for Next-Generation Sequencing data Abstract
Junwen Wang
Vol 18: Supplement B A first RDF implementation of the COSMIC database on mutations in cancer Abstract   PDF
Achille Zappa, Paolo Romano
Vol 24 A genomic data mining pipeline for 15 species of the genus Olea Abstract   HTML   PDF
Constantinos Salis, Eleni Papakonstantinou, Katerina Pierouli, Athanasios Mitsis, Lia Basdeki, Vasileios Megalooikonomou, Dimitrios Vlachakis, Marianna Hagidimitriou
Vol 18: Supplement A A greedy and stochastic algorithm for multiple local alignment of interaction networks Abstract   PDF
G Micale, A Pulvirenti, R Giugno, A Ferro
Vol 18: Supplement B A Grid-enabled web platform for integrated digital biobanking in paediatrics Abstract   PDF
Massimiliano Izzo, Andrea Schenone, Sara Barzaghi, Fabiola Blengio, Marco M Fato, Luigi Varesio
Vol 19: Supplement A A Hidden Markov Model for gene mapping based on whole genome sequencing data Details
Jürgen Claesen
Vol 18: Supplement A A Knowledge Base for fish and fishery products Abstract   PDF
AM Pappalardo, F Guarino, A Messina, A Pulvirenti, R Giugno, A Ferro, V De Pinto
Vol 18: Supplement B A multivariate analysis of protein microarrays for signature selection profiles Abstract   PDF
Saveria Mazzara, Antonella Sinisi, Angela Cardaci, Sergio Abrignani, Mauro Bombaci
Vol 18: Supplement A A next generation sequencing-based approach to identify piRNAs in breast cancer cells Abstract   PDF
C Cantarella, C Stellato, G Giurato, MR De Filippo, R Tarallo, A Weisz
Vol 18: Supplement A A novel biclustering algorithm for the discovery of meaningful biological correlations between miRNAs and mRNAs Abstract   PDF
G Pio, M Ceci, D D'Elia, C Loglisci, D Malerba
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