Bioclipse 2: Towards integrated biocheminformatics

Ola Spjuth, Jonathan Alvarsson


Bioclipse [1] is a free and open source workbench for the life sciences with advanced functionality in bioinformatics and cheminformatics. It allows users to work with resources and entities in the life sciences, such as chemical structures, sequences, spectra, and alignments. Bioclipse 2, which was released in July 2009, constitutes a complete rewrite of the Bioclipse version published on in 2007 [2] and provides more features and new graphical components that simplifies integrated life science research and development. The Bioclipse project has as of July 2009 accumulated over 28.000 downloads since its original release in 2007, and also been awarded 3 international prizes for its innovative architecture and intuitive interface.


integrated biocheminformatics; chemioinformatics; chemical structures; spectra;


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