This issue carries the standard sections, with plenty to read as usual. We have asked for contributions on the specific area of ESFRI projects. Research infrastructures are important to each and every member of our community. At this time ESFRI is presenting final proposals to the European Commission and we decided that it would be the right time to ask the coordinators of six of the ongoing projects to let us know some details on what is being prepared. The six letters to the editor are the responses that we obtained. In one way or the other, Bioinformatics is in all of them.

The Editorial Board of EMBnet.news wishes to thank all the authors but a special reference must be made to the authors of these letters to the editor, that accepted to write them in such a short period of time and yet have brought us a considerable wealth of information on those projects.

EMBnet.news is here again making available reports and reviews, announcing events, etc. Please do not forget that, as a member of this community, regardless of the nature of your connection to EMBnet and even if you do not have one, you are more than welcome to contribute to this publication.

The editorial board: Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Domenica D’Elia, Pedro Fernandes, Andreas Gisel and Lubos Klucar.


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