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Male Extra South Africa

by Wilbert Anthony (09-Jun-2021)

You’ve heard it all: that you can grow your penis longer in just a short time, and everyone who tells you this also says that it will be completely natural. Yet you don’t seem to have found it quite yet, very likely the reason that you're reading this right now. Well, you have finally found a product that differentiates itself from all those others because what maleextra has to offer you will grow your erection longer and stronger, and you can be sure that you are getting nothing but natural ingredients.

The benefits are massively impressive. They are not just external, but internal too. Its not called the “complete male enhancement system” for nothing. During clinical trials, participants had amazing experiences:

- They were able to experience rock-hard erections, some of them for the first tine in a long time.

- The stamina levels were amazing – they could hold their erections for a long time because of increased blood flow.

- They could get multiple orgasms, some of them for the first time in their lives.

- They experienced higher volumes of ejaculate – it’s the perfect thing t use if you're trying to get pregnant.

- And of course, the result was a GREAT boost in CONFIDENCE.

How It Works

It first works on increasing your blood flow. One of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction is lack of good flow of blood to the penis. If you can get this working, then you are as good as new. The manufactures of MaleExtra know this, and that’s why they make a formulation that starts to work on increasing your blood flow right away. Once you add a muscle training program to that, you are going to get that penis that you have been after for so long.

The Secret Ingredients? Pomegranate, l-arginine, muria pauma, methyl sulfanyl methance, epimedium sagittatum and Tanktat Ali 20:1

All are well known libido boosting ingredients; they not only boost your sex drive, they increase flow of blood to your penile muscles, and enhance your semen production. And all this, combined with the exercise gives you just what you were looking for!

Not sure yet? Let’s have a look at that ingredient list so that we can see exactly what you're getting with each:

- Pomegranate (70% ellagic acid) – This is Viagra as nature made it. It does the basics that you need for that rock-hard erection: it improves your penile blood vessels so that you can get more blood going there.
- L-arginine – This one provide nitric acid breakdowns thereby removing any blockages that may hinder blood flow to your penis and surrounding tissue.
- Epimediaum sagittatum – It relaxes muscles in the penis, again making sure that blood flow is at its optimum.
- Tangkat Ali 20:1 – This is the key to increased sexual desire. Your libido is on the up and up with this particular ingredient because it works on your testosterone levels to increase energy, endurance and faster semen build-up.
- Maca – You can be sure that you're going to be getting your libido higher by 180% and your sperm count up by almost 200%. This is scientifically proven.
- Zinc – A well known ingredient for boosting your ejaculate volumes by 500%.

And that’s not all that’s in MaleExtra. There are many more ingredients, all put together to come up with a supplement that will end your search for a penis enhancer. And don’t forget, the exercises give you that added boost that you need to ensure that you get long lasting effects.

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