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You will never know about the best impact wrenches in the market if you do not click on our website - geariz. Visiting us is the chance for you to get all the knowledge about types of tools as cordless, air, or electric impact wrenches.

 If you want to own cordless devices, you should buy now Dewalt DCF899HB. It is worth to try the power of 700 ft/lbs for equipment on your garages. You also use it for constructive devices; however, do not try to disassemble the nut bolts of car tire with this type. It forms a handy appearance that would be comfortable for using all day long. 

The solution for your car tire is another type of impact wrench. You should buy an air impact wrench to fix the heavy equipment. Are you finding Aircat 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch? The answer is yes if you buy it for fixing a car tire. This pneumatic type has the durable power of 900 ft/lbs of maximum torque. The other advantage is the convenience of by-hand design. However, the full map of Aircat 1150 Killer included the air compressor. So, maybe you cannot bring it outside. The device is suitable to locate in your garage permanently.


The last type of impact wrenches is the electric one. It must mention about Porter-Cable PCE211 7.5 Amp 1/2 Inch, one of the most popular of electrical impact wrenches. The maximum torque of Porter-Cable PCE211 is about 450 ft/lbs and 2,200 RPM. Therefore, no tight nuts or bolts can be the prevention of this machine. However, because of the safety of electrical products, the weight is more substantial than other impact wrenches. Porter-Cable PCE211 is about 7.5 pounds, and it is the lightest of the electric type.

After gaining the information about impact wrenches that you are seeking, you can buy directly on to get the vouchers for each product. It is an easy and quick method to save time. Relax with your family and be an expert on our website.

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