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Milwaukee is famous all over the world, and its products are plentiful and versatile in their work such as drilling, chiseling, screwdriver. Because of this utility, Milwaukee impact wrench models are always out of stock. The following article is the best way to identify genuine Milwaukee impact wrenches. Click here to see more

Method 1: Check through anti-counterfeiting stamps

When you buy any product, you must carefully check the product label. Milwaukee 2554-20 impact wrench is no exception, and the genuine machine must have tags intact and have anti-counterfeiting stamps issued by the manufacturer. Besides, you can also scratch the code and follow the instructions on Milwaukee 2554-20 impact wrench to check the quality of the product you are about to buy.

Method 2: Check the information on the warranty card

Warranty card of genuine Milwaukee impact wrench must have clear items such as how, conditions, time and address of the service centre when consumers need it. The product you are about to buy does not have a warranty card, or the warranty is torn, faint, it should be reconsidered.

Method 3: Check the design of the machine

To know whether a genuine Milwaukee impact wrench or a clone is to take into account the components of the device. Natural products have plugs made sure, pins made of alloy steel shiny and not oxidized. The plastic casing is made of good heat resistant material. Should hold the product to feel its content and make the right decision. The plastic housing of the genuine Bosch hand-held drill is exquisitely made, the lines look very smooth. On the contrary, the fake products are made by cheap plastic molds so the surface will be very rough.

Brand Name: Geariz
Address: 4073 Coleman Avenue, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: +1 450 954 1509