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Hi guys. Many people are getting struggles with impact wrenches. I have seen many people want to buy an impact wrench model with a lightweight. There are many light impact wrench models, but they do know which one has more suitable features for them. Today, I will make a comparison between two light models from DEWALT and Makita. Their names are DEWALT DCF894 and Makita XDT131. The two models are popular in the current market and available in many places, such as families and companies. Click here to see more

Therefore, customers should read the article for more information.

There is no significant difference in weight. Both models are 3.48 pounds and 3.3 pounds for DEWALT DCF894B and Makita XDT131 respectively. So, customers do not have to worry that they cannot work with them effectively. However, the model from Makita has two LED lights, which is also called as dual LED lights. DEWALT DCF894B has only one LED light, but it is enough for a better working environment. If customers do not have to work in a very dark place, they can choose the model from DEWALT. Noticeably, if customers want to work at high speed, they can select Makita XTD131 because it has a faster rate compared to DEWALT DCF894B. Makita model can reach at 3600 IPM max while DEWALT model can reach only 3100 IPM maximum.

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