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What your vacuum attachment do?

When it comes to the best vacuum cleaners to buy, most people would think of whether the vacuum comes with a HEPA filter and bagged system or if it could treat allergy sufferers well. However, the equipment can't grant all your wishes just by itself. It should come with all kinds of attachments to make your cleaning tasks less boring. So you should make sure the vacuum in your shopping basket has some onboard attachments so you can grab and use them when needed. Moreover, it is essential to know each tool can be used to help you use your good vacuum cleaner to its full potential. In the end, your vacuum's attachments should make it more helpful – not causing more confusion.

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Crevice tool

Most of the top-rated vacuum cleaners in the market have this tool in their attachment packages. This tool has a slim shape with a narrow nozzle, making it a perfect match for handling those tight spots such as corners, around radiators or vents, even between the sofa cushions. The crevice tool can handle those edges of baseboards and in hard-to-clean areas quickly. If your house has stairs, you don't have to waste too much energy cleaning the edges along the stairs either; the crevice tool would clean all those spots for you within a blink of eyes.

Upholstery attachment

This small tool is fabric surfaces' best friend. The upholstery attachment has a small, flat head along with a powerful suction, which means the tool is specially made for removing dust from your mattresses, couches, sofas, and cushions. Moreover, this attachment could be used to treat carpeted surfaces effectively. You might think that all the vacuum in the market can handle well carpeted surfaces. But with areas that receive a lot of traffic and have many edges, it is best to use a crevice tool for those hard-to-reach edges and the upholstery tool for the tread.


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Pet brush

One of the most favorite tools for pet owners is the pet brush. The pet brush design seems to understand the pet owners' problem, which is pet hair stuck to everywhere the pet goes. This tool can gather all pet hair that sticks on the rugs, lying around on the hardwood floors for you. The excess hair stuck on your fabric surfaces, which after that would be thrown in the washing machine might cause clogs, leaks, and water pump to fail. Hence, it's important to remember to remove the pet hair on your furniture, pet's bedding, and bedspread before throwing them directly in the washing machine. In this way, you can protect your washing machine while not causing things that make your pets uncomfortable.

Dust brush

This attachment typically has a circular brush head, which effectively picks up dust and particles without scratching the surfaces. Some kinds of dust brushes do have round with long and soft bristles, which are perfect for the window blinds, shelves, and other wooden surfaces. Besides, if your vacuum is equipped with variable suction, the tool can perform more dedicate cleaning tasks, such as cleaning around knick-knacks.

All the vacuum in the market would come with many more different attachments, which helps you clean your house more effectively. But what makes your vacuum the best for your home is that you can use it precisely for each part of your house. Therefore, it's essential to know your vacuum as well as its attachment well so that you can bring out the  Top 10 vacuum cleaners.