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How to use your vacuum cleaner’s attachments – things you need to do and avoid

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you’re not only getting the machine itself but also get a bunch of helpful attachments. But to really put them to good use, there are do’s and don’ts you need to know when using vacuum cleaner’s attachments. Because us vacuum cleaner users know attachments are a vacuum cleaner’s best friends. And the dangerous thing about using the attachments wrong is you can potentially ruin your stuff. Let’s learn the correct way to use those attachments to boost your best rated vacuum efficiency.  

The crevice tool

One of the most common attachments of any vacuum cleaner is the crevice tool. Without this attachment, even the Best Vacuum Cleaner In The World can’t stay on top. What the crevice tool does is helps to collect dust in crevices. The crevice tool comes in straw-shaped To reach tight areas like the gap between upholstery cushions. That’s why it’s not ideal for cleaning up the clumpy mess because they can easily clog the crevice tool. Although this attachment is helpful in most situations, try to use it the right way to save yourself from breaking your most favorite attachment.    

The upholstery tool

The upholstery tool helps you clean upholsteries (obviously!) and stairs. You can choose the smooth edges version for cleaning leather surfaces or most upholstery. But what helps collecting pet hair best is the horsehair bristle version. If your pets don’t shed much and their hair is short, this attachment can save you some money buying a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair problems. 

The floor brush

The attachment that helps you deal with hardwood floors is the floor brush. This attachment is usually 10 to 12 inches long with a row of nylon or horsehair bristles. That’s how it helps to lift hair strands while protecting the surface of your hardwood floors or tiles. Don’t use other tools to do this job unless you want to scratch your smooth and shiny floors.

The extension wand

Another attachment that can help you reach tricky areas is the extension wand. This “magic wand” can turn your corded vacuum into a more flexible version by how far it can reach to clean. But the extension wand can also come in handy when you need to collect your dropped items. Next time your earrings or rings roll under your sofa, cover the extension wand’s opening with a shock, turn your vacuum cleaner on, and suck that little jewelry piece out. Now you know good vacuum cleaners are not only good at cleaning. They also help with the “lost and found” department.  

The dust brush

When it comes to clean delicate areas like window frames or central air vents, the dust brush is the attachment you want to use. Efficient as it is if you use the dust brush to clean drapes, don’t forget to turn down suction power. Although your vacuum cleaner may be one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews in the suction power category, sometimes too powerful suction can cause damage to delicate fabrics.

Final words

Every hero needs a helpful sidekick to conquer all kinds of disasters. Learning this information can make the attachments become your vacuum cleaner’s helpful sidekicks. Remember, even the top 10 vacuum cleaners on the market are nothing if it works without its attachments. And when you combine the power of attachments with a good vacuum cleaner, it can turn into the best vacuum in the world.