2010 Annual General Meeting – Executive Board Report

Teresa K. Attwood, Josè R. Valverde, Etienne de Villiers, Andreas Gisel


This EB has been in office for a relatively short time. Its election towards the end of last year was somewhat unusual, in the sense that only its Secretary remained on the Board – most of its members are thus new. This has therefore been a period of change, and a learning process for us all. At the same time, the global bioinformatics landscape is also changing. We therefore felt that the 2010 AGM would provide an ideal opportunity to examine those changes, to consider EMBnet’s position within this evolving landscape and to explore its aspirations and motivations, moving forward.


EMBnet; excecutive board report

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14806/ej.16.1.180


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