Superclusteroid: a Web tool dedicated to data processing of protein-protein interaction networks

Athina Ropodi, Nikolaos Sakkos, Charalampos Moschopoulos, George Magklaras, Sophia Kossida


The study of proteins and the interactions between them, known as Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI), is extremely important in interpreting all biological cellular functions. In this article, a new web tool called Superclusteroid is presented which can analyse PPI data, in order to detect protein complexes or characterise the functionality of unknown proteins. The tool is essentially an intuitive PPI data processing pipeline. It supports various input file formats and provides services such as clustering, PPI network visualisation and protein cluster function prediction. Each Superclusteroid service can be used in a sequential manner or on an individual basis. In order to assess the reliability of our tool to infer PPIs, the results of the tool were compared to already known MIPS database complexes and a case scenario is presented where a known protein complex is predicted and the functionality of some of its proteins is revealed.

Availability: Superclusteroid is freely available online at


protein-protein interactions; protein complexes; clustering algorithms

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