Supporting NGS pipelines in the cloud

Ignacio Blanquer Blanquer, Goetz Brasche, Jacek Cala, Fabrizio Gagliardi, Dennis Gannon, Hugo Hiden, Hakan Soncu, Kenji Takeda, Andrés Tomás, Simon Woodman


Cloud4Science is a research activity funded by Microsoft that develops a unique online platform providing cloud services, datasets, tools, documentations, tutorial and best practices to meet the needs of researchers across the globe in terms of storing and managing datasets. Cloud4Science initially focuses on dedicated services for the bioinformatics community. Its ultimate goal is to support a wide range of scientific communities as the natural first choice for scientific data curation, analysis and collaboration. This abstracts shows the prototype for NGS processing being developed by the Cloud4Science consortium.


cloud computingd; data management; NGS; mutation analysis

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