Metagenomics sample preparation and sequencing.

Oskar Erik Karlsson, Martin Norling, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff


Metagenomic methods for detection of viruses provide new diagnostic tools to veterinary and public health laboratories, with powerful capacities to detect and to monitor the viromes in clinical samples. The Metagenomics methodology is divided into three main activities or steps: (1) wet-lab methodology; (2) sequencing; and (3) data analysis. The aim of the work is to provide insight into using the metagenomics approach for detection of emerging viruses, monitoring wildlife for known pathogens as well as providing a tool for rapid characterization of viral pathogens in outbreak situations. The main goal of the work is now to define Standard Operating Procedures for metagenomic investigations of clinical material and continuously provide a technology watch for the use of NGS within metagenomics in the Veterinary medicine field.


veterinary medicine; virology; metagenomics; molecular niology

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