BiP-Day 2013: “Prima Giornata della Bioinformatica Pugliese” – Workshop report

Domenica D'Elia, Sabino Liuni


On 5 December 2013, a regional workshop on Bioinformatics in Apulia (BiP-Day 2013) was held in Bari (IT) under the patronage of the Italian Bioinformatics Society (BITS) and EMBnet. The aim of the workshop was to stimulate tighter collaboration between life science researchers and private biotech companies in the Apulia Region around cutting-edge topics in biological and clinical research, for which bioinformatics R&D is key.

The programme was structured into three main sessions: 1) Regional development programmes and major infrastructures for Bioinformatics in the Apulia Region; 2) Bioinformatics projects in bio-medicine, biodiversity, agri-food and bioinformatics training programmes; 3) Research & Business: the importance of communication. Presentations are available from the workshop website associated to the programme (, and from the News section Presentations (


next generation sequencing; data-mining; artificial intelligence; training; education; LIMS; bio-economy

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