ENJ Editorial Assistant Activity Report

Antonio Santovito


“Bioinformatics without borders”. Those three words guided all my work during the first year of collaboration with EMBnet and EMBnet.journal (ENJ). How to help the journal reach a larger audience? How to improve EMBnet’s communication and Public Relations (PR) activities? These have been the questions I’ve tried to answer, managing the tasks assigned to me and proposing new initiatives and useful tools. The first part of my work as Editorial Assistant (EA) was based on three key concepts: restyling, restoring and relaunching. During the first months, I created some multimedia support for incoming events, and tackled content recovery of ENJ, owing to a severe hack to the journal server.


Communication; web design; EMBnet Journal

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.14806/ej.22.0.881


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