Validation of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire-Long Version II (COPSOQ II) in Greek employees

Eleni Zigkiri, Maria Charalampopoulou, Anastasia Kokka, Flora Bacopoulou, Christina Darviri, George P. Chrousos


The aim of this study was to validate the long second version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ II) in the Greek language. The study was carried out in two phases following a mixed-method design. Six hundred and fifty-two Greek employees (response rate 93.3%) responded in the second phase of the study, either online or in writing. Both types of participation to the study were confidential for the participants and the companies as well. Most participants were females (68.1%), married (47.4%), aged 30-49 years (60.9%), with high educational level (60.4%). The majority were occupied in the health and the social care services (37.4%) and employed by the private sector (63.2%). Internal consistency of the GR-COPSOQ II was assessed with the Cronbach alpha criterion (Cronbach’s a) and it was acceptable (0.8>α>0.7) for most of the scales. Mean scores were high in many scales that describe exposure to psychosocial risk factors at the workplace. Construct validity was established by exploratory factor analysis (EFA) for the entire study sample and scales. In conclusion, the Greek version of the COPSOQ-II (GR-COPSOQ II) has good psychometric properties and can be recommended as a valid tool for the assessment of psychosocial risk in Greek employees.


Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire II; COPSOQ II; work; stress; psychosocial; validation; Greek; employees

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