Volume 26 of EMBnet.journal was produced during the difficult conditions created by the COVID19 pandemic that surprised the world at the beginning of 2020.

Most researchers had to change their usual way of working and adapt to more virtual digitalised. Conferences and meetings were held using tools that were unknown to most. At the end of 2020, online meetings systems were used by all in society and not anymore just by academics.

EMBnet had to organise its Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually using online meeting platforms and tools. 190 researchers from 38 different countries participated in the event. The journal produced a Supplement to document the successful event. Supplement A “EMBnet Conference 2020: Bioinformatics Approaches to Precision Research”.

Despite the pandemics, EMBnet.journal was also able to attract authors to submit articles and produce a special issue on “Biostatistics and Mathematical Modelling in Bioinformatics” that gathered many highly interesting articles.

The year 2020 will go down in history as this was the year we were forced to transform our work habits and had to adapt to unprecedented work conditions. It has undoubtedly been a different year for everyone and EMBnet.journal’s Editorial board would like to thank all people that worked so hard during the year and helped the journal team to produce this Volume.


Erik Bongcam-Rudloff



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