The last year was a year that presented completely new challenges to the bioinformatics research community. Not only at the level of development of new algorithms and workflows for the analysis of the always increasing data produced by the life sciences community but also at the level of human interactions. Since 2020 most of our conferences and meetings were held virtually leading to a lost in human touch and social interactions at coffee breaks, occasions that usually result in new collaborations and synergies. The most used phrases in our communications became: “Can you hear me” or “you are muted”. Lecturing could easily become boring also for a speaker when all participant windows started the black window march into darkness creating a communication and interaction failure. But most of us adapted and we continued our research work, efforts that resulted on publications. The articles and reports published in Volume 27 of EMBnet.journal are a small prove of that.


Erik Bongcam-Rudloff



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