EMBnet.news 15.A 2


Dear reader,

This issue reflects a radical move of EMBnet. The 20-year anniversary for EMBnet was celebrated the year 2008 at Martina Franca, Italy. The EMBnet community decided then that year 2009 the Annual General Meeting (AGM) should take place in Puerto Morelos, Cancun, in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. This event was the first AGM outside Europe. EMBnet has grown out of its original shape as a European network into a true global organization encompassing all continents. This was an important occasion and we felt the need to document it properly. You now hold the result of this need in your hand. The first supplement ever published by EMBnet.journal.

This issue is an important one as it initiates the transition from the Newsletter “EMBnet.news” to the Journal “EMBnet.journal”. This is the first supplement from a conference and our plan is to continue to cover other conferences related to bioinformatics in action.

EMBnet.journal Editorial Board


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