EMBnet.journal 16.1.2


Welcome to the inaugural issue of EMBnet.journal: bioinformatics in action. This first issue marks the complete transition from EMBnet.News, an online magazine produced by the EMBnet community since 1994, to EMBnet.journal an international, Open Access, peer-reviewed journal, available from December 2010 at http://journal.embnet.org .

EMBnet.journal will provide biomedical scientists with practical information to help tackle routine data-analysis tasks (basic and advanced), implement complex, multi-faceted IT architectural infrastructures and address the many new challenges of modern, data-driven life sciences research.

This new online journal will comprise two main parts: one part will focus on peer-reviewed primary research articles, reviews and technical notes and the other part will contain useful information and resources including commentaries, user-guides, training information and news.

We are now accepting manuscripts for review and publication and look forward to receiving your contributions and feedback. Submit your articles at: http://journal.embnet.org/index.php/embnetjournal/information/authors

Or contact us at Erik.Bongcam@hgen.slu.se


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