Ion Torrent sequencing and pipeline assembly of the first genome sequence of a mesophilic syntrophic acetate oxidizing bacterium (SAOB)

Shahid Manzoor, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Anna Schnürer, Bettina Müller


Tepidanaerobacter acetatoxydans strain Re1 is the first reported mesophilic Syntrophic acetate oxidising bacteria (SAOB) which genome has been sequenced. Acetatoxydans belongs to the physiological group of homoacetogens producing acetate through the Wood-Ljungdahl pathway when growing heterotrophically but when growing in syntrophy with methanogens, SAOB reverse this pathway and oxidise acetate to hydrogen and carbon dioxide. We assembled the complete genome sequence by using comparative assembly approach with high accuracy and less PCR work. In initial genome analysis we confirmed the two fhs suggested operons including all genes encoding the Wood-Ljungdahl pathway with one exception of format dehydrogenase underlying the observed inability of this organism to establish an autotrophic lifestyle. Further two V-type ATPase operons, a cluster encoding an Rnf complex and several hydrogenases clusters have been identified and might contribute to the energy conserving systems of the cell.


Genome; NGS

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