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Dear reader, welcome to a new issue of EMBnet.journal, the international, open access, peer-reviewed bioinformatics journal.

In this year, 2013,EMBnet, the Global Bioinformatics Network, celebrates its Silver Anniversary. You can read more about EMBnet’s achievements, alliancesand collaborations during this exciting journey, especially in the last three years,in an article written by EMBnet’sChair, Professor Teresa Attwood.

Speaking of collaborations, we report hereon the highly successful conference in Valencia, Spain, dedicated to advances in next-generation sequencing. So popular is this conference that EMBnet, ISCB and EU COST ActionsSeqAhead and Stategranow intend to organise a similar event annually.

In terms of alliances, we report on EMBnet’s work in spear-heading a new initiative to create a ‘Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training’, GOBLET, together with more than 20 international and national societies, networks and institutes from around the world. Also, to build a stronger alliance with the International Society for Biocuration (ISB), weintroduce a new feature in this issue, ‘ISB Spotlight’, highlighting some of the work of ISB’s biocurators andshowcasing their work more broadly amongst EMBnet’s communities.

EMBnet.journal will this year produce one more full issue, 19.2, and two Supplements, marking with this its fourth year of existence as a peer-reviewed journal and successor to EMBnet.news,which started in July 1994.

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