This editorial marks 20 years of existence of EMBnet publications, first in the form of EMBnet.news and later, when the publication changed character to a peer reviewed journal, under the name EMBnet.journal.

EMBnet.news was one of the first publications in the field of bioinformatics, at a time when the term bioinformatics was barely known; nevertheless, the first articles were written by some of the earliest European bioinformaticians, and were distributed to the nascent bioinformatics community. EMBnet.news led the way in publishing articles, reviewing newly created bioinformatics software tools (EGCG 8.0, the Staden package, EMBOSS, W2H, the SRS Sequence Retrieval System, CINEMA and many others), and reviewing books in the field.

This year, EMBnet.journal has changed the way it publishes articles to a more agile model, to adapt to the rapidly transforming digital publishing arena. Once submitted via the Open Journal System, articles are sent for peer review and are published as soon as possible after acceptance. All articles are published online, and a complete volume is produced and archived at the end of the year.

In this way, we strive to produce a journal that lives up to its motto, “Bioinformatics in Action”. We will, during 2015, invite all our previous authors and encourage new ones to submit contributions to the journal: we accept full research and education articles, as well as technical reports and reviews of new software, databases and books. The Editorial Board welcomes our readers to a new decade with one of the oldest publications in the field of bioinformatics.

EMBnet.journal Editorial Board


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