Erik Bongcam-Rudloff

Erik Bongcam-Rudloff

EMBnet.journal is the official publication of EMBnet, a not-for-profit foundation and legal entity based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. EMBnet.journal is peer reviewed and has a strong focus on articles that relate to the practical use of bioinformatics in solving scientific problems in the life sciences; it also keenly promotes articles relating to bioinformatics education and training, and hence accepts papers describing the production of teaching materials, data-sets, tutorials, etc., development of competency frameworks, new pedagogical approaches, technology-enhanced-learning systems, and so on.

The Journal also reports EMBnet’s activities, achievements and plans for the future. This volume publishes one interesting technical note on how to set up your own Chipster bioinformatics server in the EGI Federated Cloud, and also publishes one report from the Executive Board activities 2015-2016 and a report by EMBnet.journal´s Editorial Assistant. Two interesting articles dedicated to Education are also included in this volume, one about an innovative method on how to present bioinformatics for the layman (the Metagenomic Pizza) and one sharing the experiences in setting up an intercontinental course about “Assembly, annotation and comparison of bacterial genomes”.

This closing editorial of volume 22 was the first volume with a fully revised, enhanced layout. The editorial and technical teams behind the Journal worked hard both on the layout design and on establishing new administrative routines, and now is prepared to receive the contributions from more authors and readers to the ameliorated journal.

We hope that readers will appreciate the journal improvements, and the editorial team warmly encourages the submission of new articles to volume 23 using our online publishing system.


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