EMBnet journal is turning the page as it fast moves forward and fights to be fully indexed in Medline and all major indexing resources. In this direction the current volume of EMBnet journal sponsors two articles that have both been indexed in Medline. The first one is about a very fast and cost efficient assay to screen for antiviral agents that inhibit the viral helicase enzyme. In the COVID19 pandemic era quick tests for the screening and eventual discovery of antiviral drugs is of huge value to the scientific community and the society. The second article is the Dark Suite set of bioinformatics tools. This suite boasts a collection of open source bioinformatics tools for genetic and structural analyses of protein in pre-designed pipelines. This makes rather tedious and complicated bioinformatics experiments possible for the novice bioinformatician by eliminating the chances of human induced error. Through the advanced option on the menu the most experienced bioinformaticians can edit and customize all options of the experiment. Organizing everything in a seamless pipeline opens up potential for new users to perform advanced bioinformatics experiments. All in all EMBnet journal is keeping up with all the major advances in the realm of bioinformatics while aligning with the high standards required from all major scientific and indexing resources so that full dissemination and visibility for all articles published in EMBnet journal is ensured with the highest of academic and editorial standards.

Dimitrios P. Vlachakis

Deputy Editor-in-Chief


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