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Vol 18: Supplement B Rational design of organelle compartments in cells Abstract   PDF
Claudio Angione, Giovanni Carapezza, Jole Costanza, Pietro Lió, Giuseppe Nicosia
Vol 17: Supplement B Read indexing Abstract   PDF
Nicolas Philippe, Mikael Salson, Thierry Lecroq, Martine Leonard, Therese Commes, Eric Rivals
Vol 19: Supplement A Reditools: Efficient RNA editing detection by RNA-seq data Abstract   PDF
Ernesto Picardi, Graziano Pesole
Vol 21: Supplement A Reference leaf transcriptomes for potato cultivars: desiree and PW363 Abstract   Poster   HTML   PDF
Maja Zagorščak, Marko Petek, Mohamed Zouine, Kristina Gruden
Vol 18: Supplement A Regularized Network-Based Algorithm for Predicting Gene Functions with High-Imbalanced Data Abstract   PDF
M Frasca, A Bertoni, G Valentini
Vol 26: Special issue to Biostatistics and Mathematical Modelling in Bioinformatics Reliability and validity of the Peer Relation Questionnaire in a sample of Greek school children and adolescents Abstract   HTML   PDF
Marilena Panagiotou, Maria Charalampopoulou, Flora Bacopoulou, Ioanna Maria Velegraki, Ioulia Kokka, Dimitrios Vlachakis, George P. Chrousos, Christina Darviri
Vol 18, No 1 ReNaBi-IFB: The French Bioinformatics Infrastructure Abstract   HTML   PDF
Guy Perriere
Vol 18: Supplement A Renato Dulbecco: genes, cancer and epigenomics Abstract   PDF
Ileana Zucchi
Vol 21 Renewing bioinformatics workflow systems by using a Web 2.0 approach Abstract   HTML   PDF
Roberto Colella, Bachir Balech, Antonella Vaccina, Pietro Leo, Gaetano Scioscia
Vol 16, No 1 Report of the EMBnet AGM 2010 Workshop Abstract   HTML   PDF Print   PDF Screen
Teresa K. Attwood, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Andreas Gisel, Etienne de Villiers
Vol 17: Supplement A Report of the EMBnet AGM 2011 Workshop Abstract   HTML   PDF
Teresa K Attwood, Andreas Gisel, Etienne de Villiers, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Domenica D'Elia, Pedro Fernandes, Georgios Magklaras
Vol 27 Report of the ML4Microbiome workshop 2021 - Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques for Microbiome Data Analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Eliana Ibrahimi, Ilze Elbere, Magali Berland, Domenica D'Elia
Vol 20 Report on the ALLBIO minisymposium and workshop: "Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methods for identification of mutations and large structural variants” Abstract   HTML   PDF
Laurent Falquet, Grégoire Rossier, Tiffanie Yael Maoz
Vol 24 Report on the “Advanced Big Data Training School for Life Sciences”, Barcelona 3th-7th September 2018 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Yen Hoang, Juliane Pfeil, Maja Zagorščak, Axel Y. A. Thieffry, Eftim Zdravevski, Živa Ramšak, Petre Lameski, Sabrina K. Schulze, Eleni Papakonstantinou, Louis Papageorgiou, Tarry Singh, Ariel Duarte-López, Marta Pérez-Casany
Vol 23 Report on the “Big Data Training School for Life Sciences”, 18-22 September 2017, Uppsala, Sweden Abstract   HTML   PDF
Juliane Pfeil, Sabrina Kathrin Schulze, Eftim Zdravevski, Yen Hoang
Vol 16: Supplement A Report on the International Conference & Meetings EMBnet-RIBio 2009 Abstract   HTML   PDF screen   PDF print
Lucia Lopez-Bojorquez, Cesar Bonavides-Martinez, Cristina Bojorquez, Julio Collado-Vides
Vol 22 Report on the Swiss-Colombian workshop: "Assembly, annotation and comparison of bacterial genomes” Abstract   HTML   PDF
Laurent Falquet, Sandra Patricia Calderon-Copete, Emiliano Barreto-Hernández, Jaime Enrique Moreno Castañeda
Vol 21: Supplement A Reproducible Research in the era of Next Generation Sequencing: current approaches, examples and future perspectives Abstract   Presentation   HTML   PDF
Claudia Angelini, Dario Righelli, Francesco Russo
Vol 19: Supplement A Retroviral diversity of laboratory and wild mice M. musculus domesticus Abstract   PDF
Stefanie Hartmann, Jens Mayer, Camila Mazzoni, Alex D Greenwood
Vol 18: Supplement A RNA sequencing data: biases and normalization Abstract   PDF
F Finotello, E Lavezzo, L Barzon, P Fontana, A Si-Ammour, S Toppo, B Di Camillo
Vol 19: Supplement A RNA-Seq expression profiling of genes related to neurodegenerative disorders affecting the human retina Abstract   PDF
Laura Campello, José Martín-Nieto
Vol 18: Supplement B ROCK: a resource for integrative breast cancer data analysis Abstract   PDF
Saif Ur-Rehman, Costas Mitsopoulos, Marketa Zvelebil
Vol 18: Supplement A Role of alternative splicing in modulating protein-protein interactions Abstract   PDF
V Bianchi, A Colantoni, M Helmer-Citterich, F Ferrè
Vol 19: Supplement A RSAT peak-motifs: Efficient prediction of transcription factor motifs and binding sites from genome-wide sequencing peak sets Abstract   PDF
Morgane Thomas-Chollier, Matthieu Defrance, Olivier Sand, Carl Herrman, Denis Thieffry, van Helden Jacques
Vol 17: Supplement B RSAT peak-motifs: fast extraction of transcription factor binding motifs from full-size ChIP-seq datasets Abstract   PDF
Morgane Thomas-Chollier, Matthieu Defrance, Olivier Sand, Carl Herrmann, Denis Thieffry, Jacques van Helden
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