The EMBnet Annual General Meeting 2009 and EMBnet-RIBIO joint conference

Jose R. Valverde


The 2009 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of EMBnet took place in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico, during the last week of October 2009. This meeting was held together with the AGM of the Iberoamerican Bioinformatics Network, both sharing and participating equally the associated Scientific meeting, which this year was centered on High Throughput Technologies and Systems Biology. Besides producing a sound scientific event, the 2009 AGMs of both societies have resulted in a wealth of exciting new initiatives which we all hope shall produce a major impact in Bioinformatics worldwide, such as the foundation of the new Iberoamerican Society of Bioinformatics (SOIBIO) or the agreement among major networks, societies and organizations from all over the world to launch an unprecedented coordination initiative.




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